Interested in returns of 12% or greater by investing in distressed mortgage notes, bank owned properties and Florida REOs or REOs nationwide? Contact The Note House today, the leader in the buying and selling of distressed commercial and residential notes in California, Florida and nationwide.

Join the growing number of equity real estate investors that are participating in The Note House’s distressed mortgage note and REO investments each and every month. We’re proud to offer the best investment opportunities in the nation when it comes to discounted mortgages notes and REO properties for sale. The Note House only partners with investors on deals that present the opportunity of 12% plus returns on their initial distressed debt investments.

With over 100 different trading partners, we are constantly offering different deals located nationwide from Florida discounted notes to REO deals in Phoenix. Whether you are seeking monthly cashflow or looking to buy and sell REOs or discounted mortgage notes, contact us today about joining our preferred equity investors club.

To get started right away fill out the following form below: Investor Buyers Survey. To set up a private consultation with The Note House President and CEO Fabian Calvo call us today at 727-724-4474.

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