Interior Design Trends 2016

Remodelling your home may seem like a daunting task because there are many different styles to choose from. It is important to plan any work carefully before you carry it out – you don’t want to be halfway through a job and realise that you are unhappy with the new design.

There are several trends in 2016 that are simply too hot to ignore. People should read this helpful guide if they are struggling for fresh inspiration. Everything from armadillo rugs to mismatched cabinetsis covered in this article. Hopefully, people will then be inspired to go out and follow the trends that have been outlined here.

Wood Furniture

People are becoming increasingly concerned that their furniture is made from eco-friendly material. Thefurnitureis made from responsibly sourced wood. This wood is incredibly durable and will ensure that tables, chairs and sofas will last for an extremely long time. The wood can be styled with patterns, it can be painted over, or it can be covered with a material such as leather in order to give a different effect.

It is important that people shop in order to find their furniture, they will be able to compare different prices and quality before making the all-important decision on who they are going to buy their furniture from. The years that a company has been in business needs to be considered.Modern furniture in Perth from Webber Furniture is designed to be durable.

Black Stainless Steel

Stainless steel worktops can make your kitchen look effortlessly chic. Stainless steel can also be used for tables in the living room. The steel can be treated with a special chemical to make sure that it cannot become damaged. There is sleekness to black steel that is extremely alluring and will surely be a talking point for anyone who happens to pay you a visit.

Two-Tone Paint

You might think of walls as only looking good when they have been painted a single colour. However, two-tone paints are becoming increasingly more popular during 2016. These paints allow you to paint the walls with colours which complement each other and give rooms a unique look.Scandinavian furniturecomplements this two-tone look.

Choose colours which will suit the colours of the furniture and carpet.

Repeat this trick throughout the house so that you create several eye-catching rooms with the same technique.

Statement Mirrors

Installing a new mirror is a fantastic way to give any room an instant facelift. Choose boldly-designed mirrors which will really stand out and make a statement. Standard such as ovals and rectangles shapes can be boring so choose idiosyncratic shapes instead. These mirrors can be contrasted with wooden furniture.

Mismatched Cabinets

In the past, design has always placed an emphasis on having matching cabinets in the kitchen. However, this year the focus is on throwing the rulebook out of the window with mismatched cabinets.

Chrome Fixtures

Chrome fixtures like drawer handles are very popular in 2016.

Use this guide to make the house look instantly stylish, up-to-date and appealing.