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Kitchen Ideas with White Cabinets

Kitchen Ideas with White CabinetsWhite kitchen cabinets being white will make the kitchen look a bright and opened up space. However, too much of white color in your kitchen can make it look sterile and hospital-like.

Though, going with a light monochromatic color scheme is a good idea if you have a small kitchen design. Still, no matter what the size of kitchen is, one needs to add some elements in the kitchen, that give a hint of color.

To balance out or complement the white kitchen cabinets, use these kitchen ideas with white colored cabinets.

Decorating Kitchen with White Cabinets

Wall Colors:
Landscape Window
After you have selected your white kitchen cabinets hardware, the first step is to paint the walls. Considering the white kitchen cabinets, the interior paint colors that will look great are aqua blue, light Persian blue, light shade of lavender, gray and medium bright red, or dark maroon shade. These wall colors will help to balance the white colored cabinets, and complement them nicely. If you want your white cabinets not to look eye-catching, then go with bright or dark shades of wall paint colors. You can also go with soft light shades of colors like blue, yellow or green, if you wish the cabinets to blend but still look attractive.

Wall Art Ideas:
Square Design Wall
You can also consider adding few wall art designs, to create visual accents. You can use stencils or brush to paint some elegant and small patches of design on the walls. For example, on aqua blue walls, white colored floral stencil and on the white cabinets, aqua colored floral stencil art will create a nice contrast kitchen design and color combination. You can also use wallpaper for a single wall if you want to introduce some interest on the kitchen walls. Check out the pictures above to see how they have used wall colors and wallpaper to match the white cabinets to create a bright room.

Wooden Floor and Countertop
This is an important element when using the white kitchen design ideas, whether it comes to remodeling or designing a new kitchen. Go with wooden flooring for your kitchen, but the shade of the wooden flooring should be a medium shade and not very catchy. If you want to go for a dark-colored wooden flooring, then make sure other elements like wall colors are also bright or very dark in shade.

Backsplash Ideas:
Small Dotted Wall Art
Kitchen backsplash provides good visual effects on walls which are of light shade. You can also have a small backsplash behind the kitchen sink. It can be a simple tiled pattern or a little mosaic. Take a look at the four pictures above to get a better idea on how to match the flooring and backsplash with white kitchen cabinets.

Steel/Chrome Metal:
Chrome Metal
This is another element of the kitchen, that should be selected well. If you are designing a kitchen with contemporary kitchen ideas, then go with steel or chrome kitchen sink and other metal fixtures. However, for rustic kitchen with white cabinets decor, go with metal fixtures which are painted with dark light coppery shades. You can also hang brass vessels in a French country kitchen theme.

Countertop and Cabinet
Though the countertops take a little amount of kitchen space, they can be used creatively to create visual accents. You can go with a black colored kitchen countertop, and gray wall colors. Or you can go with beige walls, limestone countertop, a dark yellow wooden flooring and accompany it with small colorful decorative items to add the touch of colors. You can observe in the above four pictures the different types of countertops and the fixtures used in the kitchen.

Small Decorative Accents:
Contemporary Kitchen
Adding small decorative items can greatly help to bring visual attention to a kitchen, that has a light monochromatic scheme. These items can also be added to match the kitchen decor and used to enhance the kitchen decoration. You can add items like houseplants, vases, light fixtures, a bowl of fruits, paintings, etc. in your kitchen. As you can see in the above four pictures various accessories like plants, bowls, vase, etc. have been used to add more beauty to the kitchen.

The key to decorating a kitchen with white cabinets is to just use 2-3 colors and balance out the white shade of the cabinets. So, use some of the above mentioned ideas and create a great looking kitchen space, that complements your cabinets nicely.

Interior Painting Ideas for Kitchen

Choosing the right color palette for your kitchen might seem like a daunting task. However, if you visualize the atmosphere that you want to create whilst keeping the style in mind, you will be able to select the right ones. Since you spend a sizable amount of time in this room, its feel should be fresh and invigorating. If you also use it as a dining room where you entertain your guests, it should be painted in colors that are soothing and inviting. Given below are some painting ideas.

For a Modern Kitchen
People usually associate a modern and minimal decor with a black-and-white color scheme. However, this look can be achieved using other colors as well. Bold and vivid hues like eggplant, orange, red, and olive green, work very well. However, they should be used strategically. For example, if you have an open-plan kitchen, you can paint the walls in dual tones. First, divide a wall into three equal portions, horizontally. Paint the lower two-thirds in a dramatic color–like crimson-red in a matte-finish. Paint the upper one-third wall as well as the ceiling in another color, like light-orange. This gives a contemporary look to the room.

For a Cottage-style Kitchen
A cottage-style kitchen should project a rustic and relaxed atmosphere, which is best achieved by using warm and bright paint colors. Bright-orange, sunny-yellow, lime-green, and tomato-red are some options. Choose colors that match the cabinets and backsplash. Cooler tones like pale-eggshell blue and pale-green on the cabinets match very well with warm-toned walls and backsplashes. The best way to complement it is to use bistro-style tables, red-and-white-patterned checkered window treatments, and colorful area rugs.

For a Mediterranean-style Kitchen
Neutral colors interspersed with bright ones like terracotta, sea-blue, teal, and tan, work best for this type of kitchen. White is a dominant color used in Mediterranean themes. However, a completely white color palette can make the room look stark and bare. Hence, you can paint the cabinets and shelves in dark-brown or terracotta. These colors contrast well with white, and make the space seem airy and appear larger. You can use shades of sea-green, coral, chocolate, beige, and yellow on the walls. Along with this, you can use curved wooden furniture, clay tiles for the backsplash, and patterned window treatments to complete the Mediterranean look.

For a Small Kitchen
Small kitchens can be painted in the most trendy hues, and still look very attractive and appear larger than they are. Choose light colors like steel-blue and slate-gray. You can also paint it in pristine white, with cabinets and shelves of the same color. To make an all white or light hued space look more interesting, add small bursts of colors like celery-green, dusky-rose, and lavender. These pastel colors will make the space look livelier and airy. Use these colors as accents by applying them on crown moldings, rugs, backsplash, and cabinet trimmings.

Always use paint colors that complement the style of your kitchen. Also ensure that the other components of the decor–like the backsplash, shelves, window treatments, and cabinets, all go well with the paint scheme.

Paint Colors for Kitchens

Colors have the power to make any room look larger or smaller, change the focus, hide flaws, make the room come to life, and set the mood. Which is why, making the right color choices is the key to redecorating or repainting any room in the house. In kitchens, to be more specific, the floors (tiles) and the furniture (cabinets, table, and chairs) have a more permanent color selection; except of course, you choose to repaint the cabinets and chairs to match the new wall colors of the kitchen. In order to find the right colors for your kitchen, we have provided some ideas that may come in handy.

Kitchen Color Combinations

Following are ready color palettes that will give you suggestions on colors for the walls, cabinets, and furniture.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Colors

Now that you have a few suggestions on the paint color combination, why don’t we go through some of the checkpoints or important step that need to be followed. Repainting a kitchen is not a small task and you will require proper strategies to make the entire process a little less stressful.

Tip 1
Make Use of Samples

Sometimes, just looking at the paint chips and cards or images of wonderfully-painted kitchens is not enough. There are times when you require tangible ideas. Also, certain color shades may have different names, but they look quite similar, confusing you furthermore. Which is why, paint samples can come in handy. Apply a few coats on your walls to see how they will appear once applied. This way, you can visually tell what that particular color’s effect is.

Tip 2
Begin with the Primary Color

Many times, the trouble or the reason you’re stuck in finalizing colors is because you haven’t chosen the primary color for the kitchen. The primary or general color will define how your kitchen will appear once completed. Your primary color will be painted on all the walls that make up the space of the kitchen. Now remember, choose a color that looks fabulous in your eyes; it doesn’t matter whether it’s dark or light.

Tip 3
Gather the Paint Chips & Cards

For secondary colors, you may need to fetch the paint chips. Depending on the primary color you’ve selected, pick shades that work well with it. These shades can be either a few lighter or darker shades of the primary color, or a contrasting color altogether. Similar to the color combination ideas we’ve provided above, you can work with different colors for the entire kitchen, furniture and cabinets included.

Tip 4
Working the Contrast

While selecting and combining colors, it’s quite common to get confused as to which shades work well with one another. So how do we go about it? Well, the first thing you see is your primary color. If the base color is light, then you can include dark shades of the base color or a different dark color for the cabinets and furniture; and that goes the other way as well. Now the furniture and the cabinets need not be of the same color. You can easily incorporate a new color to give the kitchen a fresh look. Now if your cabinets and furniture have wooden finish, then you have to figure out which colors will enhance the kitchen.

Tip 5
Don’t Forget the Ceiling

Many tend to overlook the importance of a kitchen ceiling. As a matter of fact, the ceiling is a vital piece in painting the entire kitchen. You can go with classic white as this color can enhance any color combination and shades. Or if you’d like to make a bold statement, then experimenting with other color shades can be considered.

Tip 6
Eliminate & Finalize

After investing so much time in picking and sorting through various color combination, eliminating the shades you don’t think will work is essential. Don’t doubt your choices and pick colors that appeal your taste. At the end, all that’s left is to select the colors you wanted for the kitchen and using the samples to check whether the combination is attractive.

If you find it difficult to make the final decision, include your family and friends to help you out. Fresh set of eyes can make a huge difference when it comes to choosing paint colors. However, be careful that you don’t end up getting more confused with extra suggestions.

Summer Kitchen Designs

Imagine yourself cooking over an open fireplace without any electricity or air conditioning to cool the kitchen. Also imagine that you reside in a place which has a tropical climate with a high degree of humidity. Eventually, the heat from the kitchen will heat up the entire house and it will be extremely uncomfortable to live in. This was the scenario in early Colonial America. To get relief from the intense heat created by an open oven or fireplace in the kitchen, people began to build a separate kitchen outside the house to cook during summer. This type of outdoor kitchen was called summer kitchen and it helped in preventing overheating of the house.

Nowadays all our dwellings have electricity and we have fans and air conditioning. So we do not need a summer kitchen to avoid overheating the house. But there is a trend of constructing outdoor kitchens complete with sinks, a rustic grill and a dining area. If you are fond of entertaining outdoors and want all the amenities for cooking a meal alfresco, then a summer kitchen is just what you need. It is chic and stylish and a great way to create a charming ambiance for an outdoor party. The essentials of summer kitchen design idea are mentioned below.

Basics of Summer Kitchen Plan

Summer Kitchen Layout
If you want to construct a summer kitchen in your home, you will need to know all about the design aesthetics and kitchen layout that goes into its making. A good summer kitchen layout will eliminate any need for you to run back and forth carrying things from the main kitchen. An L-shaped countertop or U shaped countertop works very well for an outdoor kitchen. Divide the area of the summer kitchen into two parts; one for the actual cooking and prep and other for the entertaining and dining. This will help to demarcate the two areas of the kitchen and create a more relaxed and easy ambiance. Also, you need to make sure that your kitchen layout is such that the smoke from the grill does not blow in the direction of the dining area. The grill, sink and refrigerator should be placed close together so that you can prepare food and mix drinks easily.

Essential Accessories of a Summer Kitchen
A gas grill, a sink for washing up and a countertop made with natural material like slate, stone cladding and travertine are ideal for a summer kitchen. You can choose from a charcoal or gas grill or a portable or built-in one. Install drawers or cupboard underneath the countertop to store essential kitchen supplies. The flooring for the summer kitchen should be made out of weather resistant and durable material. Some great material for flooring in an outdoor kitchen are concrete, tiles and natural stone.

The dining area should feature comfortable chairs and dining tale along with trendy chaise lounge. Decorate the dining area of the kitchen with throw pillows, colorful rugs and planters. If you want to create a rustic look, then opt for unfinished and unpolished wooden tables and benches in the dining area. You can also opt for wrought iron chairs and tables with a broad umbrella to protect you and your guests from unexpected rain. Just like an indoor kitchen, an outdoor kitchen plan would benefit from a focal point. Create a focal point by building an impressive brick barbecue. Or you can even construct an outdoor fireplace to create a cozy ambiance during winter.

Whether you set up a summer kitchen on your patio or overlooking the pool, you need to finalize a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. A summer kitchen that has all the elements of a regular kitchen will help you to entertain in style. Add some decorative element in your summer kitchen like colorful suspended flowerpots and throw pillows, and see how guests rave about your entertaining style.