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The Note HouseNEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK (November 28th, 2012)—Building on its continued success in the purchase and sale of REO properties nationwide, The Note House announces it has acquired another 130 REO properties and several residential non performing notes nationwide.

Founder and President Fabian Calvo explained that the firm recently bought an REO pool of residential homes in multiple states across the country. The 130 homes and non performing notes were located in states like Florida, Illinois, Michigan and Georgia.

“I believe that the continued manipulation at the hands of the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve into the housing market will lead asset appreciation in most major markets nationwide. Of course, this will not last forever and investors need to make sure they understand the specific market they are investing in. That said, I believe investors could really be rewarded if they build the right team and capitalize on the distressed inventory that is being sold” said Fabian Calvo.

On the heels of the aforementioned deal, back in August The Note House purchased a loan that was backed by an eight unit apartment building in Clearwater, Florida. The Note House reached a quick deal with the owner and added this property into its longer term hold portfolio. However, with the price appreciate being seen in the market the firm decided to sell. “We actually had plans to keep in this in our longer term hold portfolio, which by longer term we mean 24 months or so, however with demand increasing among retail buyers we ended up selling the property quickly to a Canadian investor” said Calvo. The sale led to a 34% cash on cash return in under 5 months.

“These purchases reflect our bread and butter investments. We continue to expand our trading partner relationships as well as our investment pool,” said Calvo. Fabian Calvo, founder and president of The Note House, added: “We will continue to expand into new markets as well as take on new investors as clients for our strategic short & long term investment portfolio.”

Calvo explained that the firm’s strategic growth portfolio plan was recently offered to investors and is available for interested investors to review. “The Note House is seeking to raise an additional $20 million over the next quarter in order to take advantage of the hundreds of trading partner relationships it has fostered globally since its creation 2011,” he said. For more information on investing in some of the best real estate opportunities in the nation contact Kerry Voiland at Kerry@thenotehouse.us

The Note House LLC is a premiere nationally recognized purchaser of commercial and residential mortgage notes and REOs. Dedicated to simplifying the process of complex real estate transactions, The Note House team relies on in-depth market research and its combined experiences to ensure that each transaction is streamlined resulting in a win-win for all parties involved. For more information, visit: www.thenotehouse.us