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Interior Painting Ideas for Kitchen

Choosing the right color palette for your kitchen might seem like a daunting task. However, if you visualize the atmosphere that you want to create whilst keeping the style in mind, you will be able to select the right ones. Since you spend a sizable amount of time in this room, its feel should be fresh and invigorating. If you also use it as a dining room where you entertain your guests, it should be painted in colors that are soothing and inviting. Given below are some painting ideas.

For a Modern Kitchen
People usually associate a modern and minimal decor with a black-and-white color scheme. However, this look can be achieved using other colors as well. Bold and vivid hues like eggplant, orange, red, and olive green, work very well. However, they should be used strategically. For example, if you have an open-plan kitchen, you can paint the walls in dual tones. First, divide a wall into three equal portions, horizontally. Paint the lower two-thirds in a dramatic color–like crimson-red in a matte-finish. Paint the upper one-third wall as well as the ceiling in another color, like light-orange. This gives a contemporary look to the room.

For a Cottage-style Kitchen
A cottage-style kitchen should project a rustic and relaxed atmosphere, which is best achieved by using warm and bright paint colors. Bright-orange, sunny-yellow, lime-green, and tomato-red are some options. Choose colors that match the cabinets and backsplash. Cooler tones like pale-eggshell blue and pale-green on the cabinets match very well with warm-toned walls and backsplashes. The best way to complement it is to use bistro-style tables, red-and-white-patterned checkered window treatments, and colorful area rugs.

For a Mediterranean-style Kitchen
Neutral colors interspersed with bright ones like terracotta, sea-blue, teal, and tan, work best for this type of kitchen. White is a dominant color used in Mediterranean themes. However, a completely white color palette can make the room look stark and bare. Hence, you can paint the cabinets and shelves in dark-brown or terracotta. These colors contrast well with white, and make the space seem airy and appear larger. You can use shades of sea-green, coral, chocolate, beige, and yellow on the walls. Along with this, you can use curved wooden furniture, clay tiles for the backsplash, and patterned window treatments to complete the Mediterranean look.

For a Small Kitchen
Small kitchens can be painted in the most trendy hues, and still look very attractive and appear larger than they are. Choose light colors like steel-blue and slate-gray. You can also paint it in pristine white, with cabinets and shelves of the same color. To make an all white or light hued space look more interesting, add small bursts of colors like celery-green, dusky-rose, and lavender. These pastel colors will make the space look livelier and airy. Use these colors as accents by applying them on crown moldings, rugs, backsplash, and cabinet trimmings.

Always use paint colors that complement the style of your kitchen. Also ensure that the other components of the decor–like the backsplash, shelves, window treatments, and cabinets, all go well with the paint scheme.

Efficiency Apartment

You might have visited many houses that have single room and a kitchen, but are very well planned and structured. They are known as efficiency or studio apartments. In such apartments, there are no sleeping quarters or separate bedrooms. A single room is partitioned and utilized as living room and kitchen. Partitions are raised for cooking, sleeping, eating, and living; the washroom is separate.


For the accurate division of space, measure the area of the floor. The floor plan is a very important factor of planning and designing the area. Once you take the measurements, you will get an idea about the amount of space required for each partition. Keep the living area bigger than the kitchen. You can also construct a small sitting area. Divide the kitchen into two zones for eating and cooking.

For maximum utilization of space, place your wardrobe or tables in the corners of the apartment. Place room dividers separate spaces for different purposes. For office space, keep the shelf or table in the corner and have a small wooden divider that will separate it from the living space. Similarly, you can divide the kitchen from your living room. The sitting area should be near the front door. Place a classic wooden divider between the living room and the sitting room.


Decorating should be done in simple yet elegant way. For the walls you can either opt for contemporary colors or paint them in traditional shades.

Sitting Space
Pale shades of yellow, pink, green, and blue will give a neat look to the living room. Since the space is limited, do not place too much furniture. A coffee table, two chairs, and some flower vases are enough to beautify the space. In case you opt for a bold wall color, make sure you lighten up the space with colorful lights. This will give an extremely bright and vibrant look to the sitting hall.

Living Area
To decorate the living area, you can utilize the concept of color blocking for wall art. There are some unique kinds of furniture that are exclusively meant for small spaces. Hang your favorite paintings or some traditional antique pieces on the wall.

Office Space
Utilize the corners for cabinets or racks. Use single colors for fiber or wood furniture. White, purple, black, and brown give a sophisticated look to office area. You can have a fluorescent bulb above the table. Keep the area completely clean and arrange your books, files, and other official items properly.

Kitchen Area
You can have corian cupboards for kitchen appliances. Design the countertop in a way that it utilizes the corner and there is enough space for cooking. Place medium-sized racks to keep the utensils. Do not invest on large crockery and cutlery that occupy a lot of space. Paint the walls with neutral colors for a decent look.

Many students, employees, and singles prefer efficiency apartments for the rent; they are also inexpensive and economical.

Bedroom Ideas for Women

Bedrooms for young women should be vibrant. Colorful walls, contemporary furniture, and delicate accessories should dominate the interior design. While every woman is going to have her own preferences in regard to color, and the basic appeal of her room, the overall layout should come across as lively and yet, not too loud. You can experiment with colors yes, but ensure that the walls don’t become an eyesore. Avoid having a solid theme, so that you can make alterations as and when necessary.
If you aren’t going to hire a professional to work on your room, you need to analyze a few things yourself. First, understand the size of your room and its shortcomings or limitations – what you can and cannot have. Decide how much storage you need. Try to focus more on utility than on flamboyance. Remember, less is more. Analyzing the dimensions of your room will help you finalize certain elements when you check the ideas mentioned below. If you have already liked or shopped for certain accessories, incorporate them well, i.e., make space for them while you are designing your room. The gallery below will help you with some ideas.
Wall Color
Two typical or mostly-used colors are soft pink and pastel. However, you can use other lively colors such as red, green, blue, purple, etc., to add a dramatic effect. Some of you may feel that dark colors have an overwhelming visual effect. In that case, you can use these colors as accent colors, i.e., you can paint just one wall with a dark color and the rest with a lighter shade of the same color. For further decoration, you can use stencils. Faux finishing will also add a great touch.
Color Range
The furnishing of your room will determine the way it looks in the end. Expensive, branded, or flamboyant furnishings don’t ensure a good-looking room; placing them properly does. Try to choose furniture that is small in size and light in weight, so that you can move it on your own as and when required.
Also choose bedspreads, blankets, curtains, draperies, etc., according to the wall colors. This will make your room look like one complete entity. It is very important that the furnishings and accessories are well-coordinated with the color of the walls. An important point here, is the texture of certain furnishings. Ensure that they accentuate the room.
Keeping the walls completely bare will only result in less utilization of space available to you for decoration. However, this does not mean you clutter your walls with too many pictures and unnecessary frames. Make sure that every element only and only enhances the visual appeal of your room.
A mirror on the wall will make your room look bigger. Keep at least one wall completely bare. To create a romantic ambiance inside the room, add candles, aromatherapy oil burners, low-light lamps, etc. Flowers and houseplants are always a good addition, but add them only if they look good.
Always try to make your room look spacious. Whether it is a room for a young woman or for an older one, it should look neat and well-planned. Understand that certain elements look different individually and when they are placed in the room with everything else. In the end, your room should also reflect your personality as a person.