12 Briefly, the Sleeping Sound with ADHD study is a randomised

We tested a novel approach: whether a brief sleep intervention for children with both ADHD and sleep problems might have lasting benefits not only on sleep but on the ADHD itself.No randomised controlled trials have evaluated the impact of behavioural sleep interventions in children with ADHD.10 In 2008 we developed and piloted a behavioural sleep intervention programme for children with ADHD and moderate severe sleep problems (n=27). The programme resulted in a reduction in sleep problems, and children also tended to show improved functioning and psychosocial quality of life.11We determined the efficacy of this programme in reducing the severity of ADHD symptoms (primary outcome), sleep problems, behaviour, quality of life https://www.salepandoracharms.ca/, daily functioning, and working memory (backwards digit recall) in children, as well the mental health and work attendance of their parents. We hypothesised that a behavioural sleep intervention would improve all these outcomes.MethodsDesign and settingWe have reported our trial protocol previously.12 Briefly, the Sleeping Sound with ADHD study is a randomised controlled trial of a behavioural sleep intervention compared with usual clinical care for children with ADHD and sleep problems.Eligibility and recruitmentPaediatricians (n=50) from 21 private and public practices across the state of Victoria, Australia pandora jewellery, identified families with a child aged 5 to 12 years who they had seen within the past year with a diagnosis of ADHD.

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