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My husband seems to think that we are spring chickens. He has always loved to work outside. But as old as we are now, I have pointed out that he really needs to relinquish some control and let someone else do the work. Just recently he was talking about getting on the roof to replace the gutters. I told him that I felt that looking into guttering prices and finding a good deal would be far less expensive than him falling off the roof and ending up in the hospital. I finally got him to agree with me, and that made me happy.

You see, my husband was in construction for about 30 years. He loved it. I don’t know how, but he did. I would be miserable working outside in the hot sun in the summers, or the cold rain and snow in the winters. He did not like to stay cooped up, and he always felt that a desk job was not for him. He loved working with his hands and always remaining active.

Decorate a Living Room on a Budget

Living Room on a BudgetDecorating your living room is like giving it an instant face lift or a makeover. You dust out the old and bring in the new, giving the room a fresh, new look. The task is challenging, as the renovations should reflect your personality and your unique sense of style and fashion, and at the same time be able to radiate a cozy and comfort feeling. The task becomes tougher when you need to do all this on a tight budget. Keep these few things in mind to prevent yourself from straying away from your budget or your plans.

Wall Paint: This is the simplest as well as the most inexpensive way to enhance the look of your living room. Select a color which is totally different from the existing color. Another idea is to paint one of the walls with your favorite color and make it the focal point of the room. It can be accentuated further with a nice wall hanging or by placing an elegant piece of furniture near it.

Floor Coverings: You can get rid of the dull look of the floors by replacing it with beautiful carpets and colorful rugs. These will not cost you much and you will have a wide variety of options in terms of colors and designs. You can opt for those that suit the overall ambiance of your living room. Place a number of rugs of various colors all over the room and give it a new lease of life.

Furniture: You know that for new furniture, you have to shell out a good amount of money. So you can purchase second hand furniture from garage sales. No need to buy bulky sofa sets as they will be more expensive. Rather, opt for small comfortable chairs which are far less costly. Polish them or paint them and they will look like new furniture. You can utilize your old living room furniture as well. Simply rearrange them in a new order and you will find that the room looks so different. Unlike the usual square position, keep them in an angular pattern and notice the difference it makes. Another easy way to make the old furniture look attractive is to change the upholstery. You can buy new slip covers for your couch, new cushion covers, a throw rug for your coffee table, and use them to decorate your furniture. These will just cost you a fraction of the total cost of furniture.

House Plants: Houseplants can make your living room look classy. It gives a closer-to-nature kind of feeling. Arrange a few potted plants in one or two corners of the room. The greens of the plants add a sense of liveliness to the atmosphere of the room and can also cover up flaws, if any.

Since you are redecorating on a budget, you need to use your own creative and innovative ideas very efficiently. In this article, we have just shared some ideas that you can modify according to your needs. One thing to be kept in mind, is that you should use the available space in such a way that it does not give a cluttered look to the room.

Kitchen Ideas with White Cabinets

Kitchen Ideas with White CabinetsWhite kitchen cabinets being white will make the kitchen look a bright and opened up space. However, too much of white color in your kitchen can make it look sterile and hospital-like.

Though, going with a light monochromatic color scheme is a good idea if you have a small kitchen design. Still, no matter what the size of kitchen is, one needs to add some elements in the kitchen, that give a hint of color.

To balance out or complement the white kitchen cabinets, use these kitchen ideas with white colored cabinets.

Decorating Kitchen with White Cabinets

Wall Colors:
Landscape Window
After you have selected your white kitchen cabinets hardware, the first step is to paint the walls. Considering the white kitchen cabinets, the interior paint colors that will look great are aqua blue, light Persian blue, light shade of lavender, gray and medium bright red, or dark maroon shade. These wall colors will help to balance the white colored cabinets, and complement them nicely. If you want your white cabinets not to look eye-catching, then go with bright or dark shades of wall paint colors. You can also go with soft light shades of colors like blue, yellow or green, if you wish the cabinets to blend but still look attractive.

Wall Art Ideas:
Square Design Wall
You can also consider adding few wall art designs, to create visual accents. You can use stencils or brush to paint some elegant and small patches of design on the walls. For example, on aqua blue walls, white colored floral stencil and on the white cabinets, aqua colored floral stencil art will create a nice contrast kitchen design and color combination. You can also use wallpaper for a single wall if you want to introduce some interest on the kitchen walls. Check out the pictures above to see how they have used wall colors and wallpaper to match the white cabinets to create a bright room.

Wooden Floor and Countertop
This is an important element when using the white kitchen design ideas, whether it comes to remodeling or designing a new kitchen. Go with wooden flooring for your kitchen, but the shade of the wooden flooring should be a medium shade and not very catchy. If you want to go for a dark-colored wooden flooring, then make sure other elements like wall colors are also bright or very dark in shade.

Backsplash Ideas:
Small Dotted Wall Art
Kitchen backsplash provides good visual effects on walls which are of light shade. You can also have a small backsplash behind the kitchen sink. It can be a simple tiled pattern or a little mosaic. Take a look at the four pictures above to get a better idea on how to match the flooring and backsplash with white kitchen cabinets.

Steel/Chrome Metal:
Chrome Metal
This is another element of the kitchen, that should be selected well. If you are designing a kitchen with contemporary kitchen ideas, then go with steel or chrome kitchen sink and other metal fixtures. However, for rustic kitchen with white cabinets decor, go with metal fixtures which are painted with dark light coppery shades. You can also hang brass vessels in a French country kitchen theme.

Countertop and Cabinet
Though the countertops take a little amount of kitchen space, they can be used creatively to create visual accents. You can go with a black colored kitchen countertop, and gray wall colors. Or you can go with beige walls, limestone countertop, a dark yellow wooden flooring and accompany it with small colorful decorative items to add the touch of colors. You can observe in the above four pictures the different types of countertops and the fixtures used in the kitchen.

Small Decorative Accents:
Contemporary Kitchen
Adding small decorative items can greatly help to bring visual attention to a kitchen, that has a light monochromatic scheme. These items can also be added to match the kitchen decor and used to enhance the kitchen decoration. You can add items like houseplants, vases, light fixtures, a bowl of fruits, paintings, etc. in your kitchen. As you can see in the above four pictures various accessories like plants, bowls, vase, etc. have been used to add more beauty to the kitchen.

The key to decorating a kitchen with white cabinets is to just use 2-3 colors and balance out the white shade of the cabinets. So, use some of the above mentioned ideas and create a great looking kitchen space, that complements your cabinets nicely.

Living Room Painting Tips

Arlington roofing contractorsYour living room is the first place people see when they enter your house. Naturally, you would want it to create a good impression on your guests. There are a number of ways in which you can enhance its look. The easiest way to achieve this is by opting for interesting interior color schemes. Well chosen colors can add a unique feeling to your room. If you are confused as to what kind of colors to opt for, given below are some useful living room painting tips, which are sure to help you out.

Warm Colors
If you are aware of color psychology, you would know that colors have a great influence on our state of mind. For example, looking at cool colors like blue and green can relax our mind, while surrounded by warm colors such as red, brown, maroon, and orange can make us feel very active and energetic. Since, the living room is the place where we entertain our guests, socialize, watch TV, and spend time together as a family, it makes sense to use warm colors, which add lots of vibrancy to the surroundings.

Complement with Surroundings
Decide on the colors in accordance to the color of the furniture, furnishings, fabric, and accessories, already placed in the room. If it faces a garden, you can extend the outside natural atmosphere to your room by painting it in green and earthy colors like terracotta, amber, and brown.

Room Size and Ceiling Height
While painting, there are two things that you should always keep in mind. Firstly, the size of the room and secondly the height of the ceiling. If the size of your room is small, warm colors like red and maroon, can make it appear even smaller. If this is the case, then use lighter colors such as blue, pink, lavender, light green, etc. Also, if the ceiling height is less, coloring it in dark colors can make it appear nearer than it actually is, thus, giving the illusion that the room size is small. So, keep the ceiling color white, especially if the room is small in size.

Accent Walls and Ceilings
If you are willing to experiment with different colors, then one of the most creative ideas is to have an accent wall. Paint one of the walls with a bright color such as red and the rest in lighter shades. Or you can create a number of geometric shapes such as triangles, circles, and squares in a bold color on one of the walls. If you want to give a dramatic effect, paint the walls in light shade and the ceiling in a dark color. Or have some designs such as horizontal lines or polka dots in a dark color on the ceiling.

Paint Finish
Besides the colors for the walls, you need to decide on the colors for the doors, trims, shelves, or cabinets in the room as well. To highlight the doors, trims, and other accessories, opt for glossy finishes. For the walls, you can go in for matte techniques as they hide the imperfections on the surface of the walls very well. To make sure these processes are done correctly, ensure that you are going through the proper channels to secure a deal with someone like Arlington roofing contractors.

Here’s hoping that these ideas will come handy when you set out for choosing colors. By being a bit creative with the wall colors, you can completely alter your home decor. One last tip before I sign off – The colors should be in harmony with the colors used at other places in the house, especially if certain rooms are visible from the living room!

Buying a Log Cabin

A log cabin is simply a small dwelling made of logs. It is different from a log house. ‘Log cabin’ refers to the more rustic, smaller cabins usually found in the woods and made of conventional lumber, while a log house is similar to a log cabin except that it is much bigger and made from logs that are either milled or handcrafted. At present, when you view websites to get details about log homes or cabins, the two are referred to as the same thing. Different log cabin homes are built from logs with varied thickness, as thick logs are used in large cabins to add extra strength and insulation.

The type of logs used in the log cabin gives a different appeal to the log cabin home. There are two types of logs used: rough cut round logs, and milled logs which easily fit together due to their uniformity. Regardless of the particular type of log cabin home that you eventually decide to build, you will still be able to enjoy benefits like improved sound protection, and increased insulation making for better energy management.

Picturing the Purpose of the Building

Now you can do research about different log cabin plans and kits on the Internet. All the details of cabin choices, and pictures of models, are available to customers on the websites of companies that specialise in building or assembling them for clients. There are different log cabins suitable for different purposes, so select the log cabin according to your requirements. If you are buying a log cabin to be used as a home office, then be sure it has enough power and telecom points, as well as shelves and cupboards to store the stock and accessories. Also check that the locking system of the cabin will keep the business safe. If you are building the log cabin to use as a garage, you should be sure to get the space that you will need to be able to park the number of cars that you intend to keep inside it. Generally, the idea is just to ensure that you have what you need to make the cabin a very suitable place to carry out whatever you are building it for in the first place.

Choosing the Best Log Cabin Company

Even if you do not intend to live in the log cabin full-time, you still ought to treat its construction and assembly as carefully as that of your actual home. The most important factor in doing this will be the builder that you hire to build or assemble the log cabin. The experience and skill of the builders will definitely affect the aesthetics and durability of the cabin. Ask people whom you know have had cabins built recently to recommend the companies that they hired to carry out the projects, and you will definitely get an idea of whom to approach with your project and whom to avoid.


Changing Your Dreams Today

At a very young age, we are conditioned to put all of our time and effort into obtaining the best education possible in the hopes of landing a job that would provide significant financial compensation. The goal that many people have would be to get through the demands of college for the purpose of entering the job market and securing a position that offers them quite a bit of money. If this is a view that you have taken on in the past, you are not alone. However, this is a short sighted approach that fails to look at what is going to be best for your future. 

When you are putting yourself in the position of simply hoping for a job that pays well, you will always be at the mercy of someone else. Instead, you may want to turn to a quality Commercial Broker Houston service in order to begin rethinking what it is that you want out of your life. The advantage that you are going to find through working with these brokers would be the ability to come across some of the best properties on the market in a matter of just a few minutes. 

Taping into the right Houston Commercial Broker service would ensure that you have access to some of the best choices available for investing at the moment. Do not put yourself through having to rely on someone else in order to thrive within the market, this would only cause you a lot of stress in the future. Instead, you want to seek the help of a broker that can assist you with taking advantage of opportunities that are available within the market. The key to achieving success is simply to find quality property and turn it into profit with the right broker.

Practical and Helpful Tips: Houses

Various Types Of Home Improvement

The field of home improvement deals with the part when you make condominium units, apartment spaces and residential units on your own. Home improvement can also mean interior painting, exterior painting, renovating rooms and renovating floors. Home improvement specialists embark on different projects by placing on their personal touches to every part of the houses to make something or construct something out of them. It will always come down to home improvement no matter which type of renovation or which part of the house was renovated. Provided that people consider the purpose and the goals for the whole renovation process, the next home improvement task is worth their time and money whether they own the house or they are buyers of a house.

You are considered very luck when you have invested into a residential space, such as apartments, condominiums, or houses that do not need much home improvement when they become your own. Many homeowners think that improving the decorations, enhancing the furnishings or even just changing the layout of a domicile is very costly and dangerous. However, these homeowners should also keep in mind that home improvement projects such as exterior painting should be determined by the extent of the project and the availability of the equipment and materials that will be used to finish the task. The quality of the materials will not be very important when determining the total cost since there are some materials in the market that can be bought for cheaper prices and can be used to produce beautiful and durable home improvement projects.

The information and details on possible costs have been discussed, and now this article will discuss the risks involved in home improvement. Experts believe that the risks of home improvement sometimes lie with the choice of the client with regards to the home improvement contractor, whether it is the client who will do it on his or her own, or they will hire home improvement contractors to do the job. One risk is when the client or the home improvement contractor suffers from an injury while doing the project. Another type of risks is when the home improvement professional is not properly licensed, lacks the needed permits or the knowledge to do the job and when the contractor lacks experience, which will all impede the finishing of the projects in due time. When these happen, it is very important that you do not let these concerns sway you to provide less quality on your first home improvement project. After all, these home improvement undertakings are there to make sure that your family, your spouse and your children are all having a brighter future living in the house and everything is okay if the house will be sold some time in the near future. Home improvements are always considered a perfect form of investment.

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What Uses And What Conditions Emergency Food Storage Kits Useful

Emergency food is a food reserve that is intended to deal with emergency situations. Emergency food can be either regular food or foods produced specifically to overcome unforeseen circumstances. Thought, the food that is intended or produced specifically for emergency situations will be better to be able to ensure the needs of the human body than regular food when one is in an unexpected state or circumstances. In ancient times, emergency food can be found in the form of staple foods that dried. The downside of this method is that dried foods do not contain enough nutrients. However, at this time, emergency food has been created specifically with regard to the provision of nutrition to a person’s body.

As we know, emergency food intended to face unforeseen circumstances. Then, what kind of circumstances that can be said an emergency? The definition and the answer to this are very relative. It depends on what kind of situation being faced and what the cause of the situation. However, broadly speaking, the conditions can be said to be an emergency and require emergency food use when someone is on some conditions that it is not definitely known when he / she will get food staple or a set of conditions in which food is hard to come by. As examples of those circumstances is when a natural disaster occurs, when the undesired condition occurs when a person is on an adventure, traveling, hiking, or other conditions that cause a person to be far away from civilization.

Do not take it personally, everyone certainly does not want conditions that are not expected to occur. Precisely because of that, one needs to have preparations and preventive measures to overcome it. It is intended to allow a person to have a card that can be relied upon to survive. To have an emergency food storage kits as a first step certainly will not be hurt.

Getting To The Point – Devices

What Are the Safe Ways To Do Plasma Cutting?

When you are doing a plasma cutting, it must always be accompanied with necessary safety measures just to avoid the arising of accidents or any mishaps.

The plasma cutter is being surrounded by an electric circuit that puts together the torch and the work object. The rule in a plasma cutter is that when the something touches the work object, the electric circuit automatically transmits the same to the other part. Be mindful all the time when the plasma cutting is operating and be sure that you are far from the reach of the torch body and any work object.

Basically, plasma cutting is a device that functions well in cutting any form of steel and other electrically conductive metals. In order to make sure that the steels, welding materials and electrically conducive metals are properly done, the plasma cutters should have an appropriate amount of voltage electrical arc and a compressed gas that will carry and get the job done. The plasma cutters vary from welding cutters in terms of the amount of voltage is needs to cut steels as it normally rages from 100-200 volts.

Never get the work object from while you are still cutting the object because it might lead to danger. All you have to do is to let the work object rest for a while on the cutting bench tied in a ground cable while the cutting process still going on. Always put the ground clamp in its proper place and never let it removed while doing the plasma cutting operation. Just let the ground cable together with the work object rest for a while but never let them be removed while you are still doing the cutting process.

Make sure that you are wearing an insulated boots and gloves that will keep you safe when you are doing the actual plasma cutting process because the tendency getting your body and garments dry is really high.

Remind yourself all the time that you are prohibited to sit, stand, lie or touch and surfaces that are wet just to avoid danger when using the plasma cutter system. The ground cable must always be looked after during the plasma cutting process so check if it is accompanied in the work object. If there are damages in the plasma cutting machine, always have a plan b and replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

It is always necessary to put on your proper eye protection just like wearing your gloves and boots when you are planning to do a plasma cutting. There are well-known arc rays that creates a highly intense ultraviolet and infrared waves that can ruin your healthy eyes and skin. Start to begin with an end in mind by making sure that you are safe in doing the plasma cutting process and you can make it happen by wearing your protective clothes such as the gloves, welding safety shoes, welding the welding helmets, flame-retardant clothes, and trousers.

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The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Products

Guidelines for Buying a Plasma Cutter

Are you thinking of buying a plasma cutter? It can be a daunting prospect to purchase a piece of equipment which is new to you, especially with a lot of manufacturers and models to consider.

To start with, answer the following questions before you go out shopping:

> How hours of daily use will the equipment get? In short, what duty cycle should it have?

> What electrical service type is available in the area where you will be using the machine? Is it going to be 50 amp 220 volt single phase or maybe 30 amp 110 volt single phase? What other equipment will be sharing the circuit with the plasma cutter?

> What level of portability should your plasma cutter have? Are you going to use it in your shop exclusively, or do you have to take it to the job? Ca you supply the machine with compressed air when you bring it to a remote location? Will you be using an air bottle or portable compressor? What about the electric current onsite?

> What material are you going to cut and what is its probable thickness?

> Manual cutting or with a CNC cutting machine? Usually, a higher amperage output would mean a greater duty cycle at a lower amperage. Many people believe that a greater-capacity machine is always better, but this is false. Fabricators generally consider oxy-fuel to be better than plasma for steel cutting steel with a thickness above .5 inch; this is due to the slight (4 to 6-degree) bevel in the cut face produced by the plasma. You won’t notice it in thinner materials, but as the thickness increases, it becomes more obvious. At thickness above .5 inch, plasma also bears no cutting speed advantage compared to oxy-fuel.

It would be almost useless to get a plasma cutter if acetylene will be used for the work anyway. If you intend to cut non-ferrous metals like stainless or aluminum, which could not be cut by oxy-fuel, think 50 to 80 amp 220 volt plasma cutter. If you must take your plasma cutter outside the shop, get one of those latest semi-portable machines. These are little powerhouses weighing below 100 lbs., but they have the ability to cut .75″ to 1″ in a snap. You’re going to need a bottle of air or a compressor, as well as a portable generator.

If you automating your plasma cutting is a possibility, then get a unit that which doesn’t use a high-frequency starting circuit. A high-frequency start operates like the spark plug in your vehicle. Instead of using a comparably lower voltage pilot arc for initiating the plasma process, it depends on a high voltage spark, which brings about electrical interference such as destroying files, locking up the computer, destroying files, and the like.

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Carpets – Getting Started & Next Steps

A Guide to Carpet and Flooring Installations

People who are refurbishing their homes and try to add a bit of modern elegance to its appeal should choose between carpet and laminate flooring installations. While this is not an either/ or choice, homeowners can select a bit of both and still have a great effect on your home. The options for carpeting and laminate flooring are numerous and professionals can help you install the carpeting or flooring choices that you have made.

You are offered the best in quality by the different carpet and laminate flooring companies, and you can be sure to get value for your money. You need to ask around for rates from the market suppliers so that you will know where to shop. The quality of the items that each supplier offers should also be checked. Substandard products should not be invested in.

Carpet flooring is available in different types of materials. These materials include wool, polyester, nylon, polypropylene, and blended fibers. Finishes for laminate floors are also available in various types like wood, stone, and granite. Depending on your budget and the fit to your home interior, you can select the type or style of flooring to use.

A guarantee for their products and workmanship should be given by the professional service who will install your carpet and laminate flooring. Confidence in their work and in their products should characterize the professional team that will assist you in your carpeting and laminate flooring installation.

The professionals who will install the carpet and laminate flooring in your home should use the flooring installation system. The design of this installation system is to improve the air quality of your home. Benefitting the condition of the floor is possible by the use of different kinds of treatments in this system. Those who have allergies in your home will be benefitted.

The installation starts with the use of a high filtration vacuum system before the installation of the carpets and flooring. This is carried out on the bare flooring when the old carpet or flooring has been removed. To ensure that there is a long lasting protection provided against potential contaminants like microbes, spores allergens, molds and dust mites, the floor is sprayed with a special product. The carpet underlays are installed after spraying. These can be installed under carpets and laminate flooring. The design of the underlay prevents future contaminations resulting from spills, moisture, and rising damp and it creates a protective barrier. This flooring installation system is good because it protects your family’s health for years to come. Even if you keep on washing and deodorizing your carpets and floors over the years, the treatment will protect your carpet and laminate flooring from contaminants that are invisible to our naked eyes.

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Phone Numbers Homeowners Should Have Handy

At a time when it’s usual for people to carry thousands of songs and dozens of videos around on their cellphones, it’s a wonder that that they should overlook the convenience of carrying around a few essential emergency numbers. If you’re a homeowner, you need a few more numbers than most people — you’re in charge of everything that goes on, after all. Certainly, you could always look up any number that you needed on the Internet. It’s hard to do that when you don’t have a signal, however, or when you’ve run out of data.

Here are five numbers that every homeowner should have on their contact list.

Local recycling and garbage services

Certainly, if you put your garbage out, the city will collect it. It happens as a matter of course. What if you have garbage to throw away that isn’t regular-sized, though? Tree limbs, debris from home renovations, or things like old mattresses and sofas all need a special arrangement with the garbage collection services.

The water utility

Whether you want to know about local regulations to do with using water on your lawn, report a major leak out on the curb or ask a question about a high water bill, you want the number of your water utility on your phone.

A dependable home flooding contractor

Home flooding can occur even to the most cautious of homeowners. You should always be mentally prepared to find everything flooded when you come home one day. When this happens, you want the number of a great water licensed water extraction company on your phone to call at a moment’s notice. It can take some research to find the right business.

The public works department

What do you do when there are a couple of streetlights out on your street, or if there is a pothole? You want the city to fix the problem right away. There’s nothing that takes away from a neighborhood like a streetlight that’s out. The local public works department will help.

Animal services

From complaints about aggressive stray animals and injured animals to animal cruelty complaints, it is important that you be able to reach animal control at a moment’s notice. For the city of Mukilteo, you can call either community services or lost and found.

From the number of the home insurance company covering their home to the most reliable gutter cleaning service in the area, homeowners have emergency needs all their own. It’s important to keep up.

A Beginners Guide To Designers

Website Design for Landscaping Businesses Is landscaping web design important? It is important to have a great landscaping website so that you can get ahead of the competition. There are many great business opportunities that come along when businesses have a website. People who need services look for services in the web first. For people going online to look for landscaping services, they usually look at the projects that you have accomplished, designs that you have created, and other important information that they can gather to help them make their decisions. It is important these days to have an online presence. If you check on the yellow pages, there are already a lot of landscaping companies in the business and prices of services are slowly rising. Having a tough market competition is indeed a challenge for every business owner. If you can create a really great landscaping business then it is still possible not to get trampled underfoot by your competitors. It can make a difference in your business if customers will see the expertise of your work in your website. Yellow pages can just give you one full page, but a website offers more pages.
Learning The “Secrets” of Services
There are some great looking landscaping websites online that have made customers decide to hire their services even before they are able to ask for the price quotes. A sales agent brings some important things for the potential customer to convince him/her of the services you offer, and this should also be what the website visitor should see on your web pages, things about your services that would make them want to hire you immediately. You can put marketing propaganda, before and after photos of landscapes, and testimonials from customers who have been completely satisfied with the landscaping project that your company has done for them. IF you want a truly successful website, also add proper keywords, and find out where the market is.
Getting Creative With Businesses Advice
There is free traffic on the web, and to capitalize on this, make sure that you have put everything you need in that website. It is very cost effective if you develop your site to incorporate all the key words and phrases that will drive traffic to your site. Concentrate your efforts in specific customers who are searching for that which is what you offer to those who need landscaping solutions. Branding your business is important but you should go beyond that and look for ways to make your success quantifiable through the number of live customers you can make. A successful website is one which gives the site visitor all the relevant information that he/she needs, something that targets the purpose of the visit so that he/she ends up hiring your services and engages the company to close the deal. An automated system will have done everything for your client except for the closing. This shortens the business sales cycle.